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Best Legal Leads

All of our leads have been Notified that this is a "Service that costs".

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Best Legal Leads

Our leads are distributed at a daily rate that you set. Just choose which states you want to receive leads from and you're on your way to receiving the BEST quality legal leads available!

Daily Specials Premium Legal Leads - Sale $4.49 High Quality Leads at a very low price. Leads acquired from people who have had a past legal situation where an attorney was needed. The delivery of these leads may take several days to weeks to fill but be assured they are the Best Exclusive Legal Leads on the market.

Express Delivery Premium legal leads - Sale $6.49 Your lead delivery is turbo charged on Express. That means that delivery could take only hours to a few days to fill depending on the size of your order. We deliver the Best Real-time and Exclusive Leads on the Market Today.

Immediate Delivery Premium legal leads - Sale $7.99 When time matters most. Lighting Fast Lead Delivery. Experience a Lead flow like never before. Your orders will be filled within hours. Most Immediate Lead users mix their orders with Express and Standard to have a cost-effective recipe for success.

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