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Best Legal Leads

All of our leads have been Notified that this is a "Service that costs".

Easy to use Contact Manager

Auto Responder

You Control lead Time and Flow

Excellent Customer Service

Exclusive Lead Delivery

No Stale or Old Leads Used

No Co-op Leads

No Incentivised Leads

No Package Tricks

Best Legal Leads

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are your leads generated?
We use ONLY Search Engine Generated Leads. This has proven to be the
best means of acquiring leads. Your advantage comes from the "opted in"
method versus Incentivised leads. These leads have requested a call
from you. We do not use Spam, co-op, email or Incentivised advertising.

2. What information is given us?

You will receive the persons name, phone numbers, state, email [if
available] and legal topic.

3. Are your leads fresh?
Yes! The comfort you will have of knowing that people might
still be on their computer when you receive the lead is exciting. Once
a lead submits their contact information, it takes just minutes to
critique the lead for quality and it winds up in your email and contact
manager immediately!

4. Are your leads exclusive?
YES! Our leads are sent to only one person. They are EXCLUSIVE!
This means when we receive a lead it is distributed to one client ONLY.
We do nothing else with it.

5. What is the Best way to order?

Order your Leads Weekly. You control how many you want a day! We don't
do auto-billing to your credit card. We give you the option of when to
place your order that way you are in total control of when your orders
come to you.

6. What is the Quality of your leads?
We are proud to say our leads are the Highest Quality. This means no
spam or Incentivised responses. All our leads come from places on the
internet where:
  1. People are actively looking for legal help
  2. You will not find the words Free, Pro Bono, or No Obligation,
  3. Every Form that a person fills indicates that "This is a Service
    that Costs"
7. How soon will I start receiving leads and where will I receive

It Depends Upon the order you choose. Please read up to date
information on the specific orders –Standard-Express-Immediate.
You will receive the leads 2 ways:
1. An email will be sent to you directly.
2. You can go to your contact manager to view and manage them.

8. Do you have an auto-responder letter set up?
YES! Use it to maximize your efficiency. This powerful tool has
potential members calling you! Put in your own contact information in
the marked areas of the form letter we have there or enter your own
letter in the area and click on the "Save" button below. The Check Mark
should appear in the box when the letter is turned on.

9. Is my order information secure online?
Yes! We do not input nor keep your credit card information on
our website. Therefore none of your credit card information is stored
on our servers. You give your credit card information directly to Card
Services, and these companies use the strongest encryption algorithms
to ensure your security.

10. I want to use someone else's credit card to pay for an order on
my account, is this a problem?

Yes! In today's age of Identity theft we are watchful of this
practice. Please submit to us a written letter from the person's own
email and all of their contact information that you have their
knowledge and permission to use their card.

11. What payment options are available?
We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover.
12. May I contact you for Customer Service?
Yes! Email or Phone! There is no company that compares to the
customer service you get when it comes to Best Legal Leads. It makes
such a difference to know that you can speak to us live if you need to.
Just request a call by sending in an Email. Use the 'Contact us ' area
on our home page, be sure to include your name and the BEST time to
call you.

13. I hold a license for my state, Can I mix my leads to receive my
Licensed state with unlicensed states?
Yes, you can. If you hold
any state licenses select that state in the list to receive it when you
create your order before you check out.

14. I only want to receive leads for the state I hold a license in,
Can I get only those?

Yes! Just select that state when creating your order before you
check out

15. What are 'licensed leads'?
There are 14 states in the USA that require a representative of the
Prepaid Legal Company to hold a license to sell it's product. Please
consult your Director if you require one for your own state.

16. Do you have a replacement policy?
Our replacement policy is that we only replace bad leads within a 72
hour period from the time stamp of delivery. Bad leads are defined as
those that have a non-working telephone number as announced by the
Telephone Company or are duplicate leads in your order delivered in the
same day that appears in your contact manager.

17. I wish to change my password. How do I do that?

Log in to the your lead manager and select "my Settings"; below your
Auto-responder letter is a specially marked area to enter in the new
information you want to update your account to, then click on "Save
Settings" for the update to be entered into the programming.

18. I want to change my email address that my leads are sent to. How
can I do that?

Log in to the your lead manager and select "my Settings"; below your
Auto-responder letter is a specially marked area to enter in the new
information you want to update your account to, then click on "Save
Settings" for the update to be entered into the programming.

19. Do you have any Tips or a Script that would help me with my lead

Yes! Just email us a request and we will forward them to you.

20.How soon will My Express Order be Approved?

Your Lead delivery is turbo charged on Express Leads Delivery. We will
Approve your order with in 3 Business days and deliver the Best real
time leads on the market today.

Discover a Better lead Company, Discover best legal leads!

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